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Bordeaux Wines introduces the “Next Generation! Bordeaux 2.0” campaign in Hong Kong this November, featuring over 60 restaurant promotions and a pop-up retail store for Hong Kong to rediscover Bordeaux wines. 

今年11月,波爾多葡萄酒聯合協會(Bordeaux Wines)推出「Next Generation! Bordeaux 2.0」企劃,超過 60家餐廳將會參與推廣活動,並開設為期一個月的零售快閃店,讓大家重新認識波爾多葡萄酒。

Dolphin Ip, sommelier; Luk Chun Yin, professional skateboarder; Gigi Paulina Ng, fourth generation owner of a traditional Chinese restaurant; and, Joseph Lee, contemporary dancer. These real-life characters from different walks of life in Hong Kong, all have their own unique characteristics, passions and drive, just like Bordeaux winemakers. 
Dolphin Ip,侍酒師;陸俊彥,職業滑板運動員;Gigi Paulina Ng,傳統粵菜館第四代傳人;李偉能,現代舞者。幾位真實生活中的人物,以不同的步伐在生命中前行,各有自己的堅持,正正代表著新世代 Next Gen 的獨特性格、熱情和動力,透過四位香港代表人物將 Next Gen 企劃宗旨帶到香港,亦同時表達出任何人在任何時候都可以享受波爾多葡萄酒。

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Online Masterclass


The art of Blending in Bordeaux

6 November / 7-8pm

What does ‘Bordeaux Blend’ mean to you? Simply referencing “Left Bank Cabernet” and “Right Bank Merlot” is far from the whole story! Blending in Bordeaux is more than just a mix of grape varieties – it is at the heart of the region, the cornerstone upon which its great and legendary terroirs are expressed.

Join the online Masterclass and tap into this wonderful story between humans and terroir with Bordeaux accredited tutor Corinne Mui. 

“波爾多混釀” 對您來說意味著什麼? 如果僅指“左岸的赤霞珠”和“右岸的美樂”那可太片面拉!波爾多混釀不僅僅是簡單的葡萄品種混合——它是波爾多的核心,是表現其偉大而傳奇風土的基石。

參加網上大師班,與波爾多國際認證講師 Corinne Mui 一起探討這個關於人類和風土的精彩故事。