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Le Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB)

Founded in 1948, the CIVB represents the three families of the Bordeaux wine industry: winegrowers, merchants and traders.

The CIVB’s 3 missions include:
Marketing mission: position Bordeaux wines as the brand of reference, create a strong bond between consumers and the Bordeaux brand and recruit new, younger consumers and ensure their loyalty.
Technical mission: build knowledge, protect the quality of Bordeaux wines and anticipate new requirements related to environmental and food safety regulations.
Economic mission: provide intelligence on production, the market, the environment and sale of Bordeaux wines around the world.


波爾多葡萄酒聯合協會 是根據 1948 年 8 月 18 日的法國法例所創立的。它聯合了波爾多葡萄酒行業三個家族的代表:葡萄種植者、商人和貿易商。協會的 3 項任務包括:




About Médoc Wines

Conseil des Vins Du Médoc was formed in 1987 to act as a spokesman for all the wine producers in the Médoc. The association plays an essential role in the promotion of the 8 appellations of the Médoc at home and abroad.

Conseil des Vins Du Médoc 成立於 1987 年,是梅多克所有葡萄酒生產商的代言人。 該協會在國內外推廣梅多克的8個產區方面發揮了重要作用。


2021 key facts on The Bordeaux Vineyard:

  • 5,500 winegrowers

  • 110,000 hectares of vines

  • Largest AOC vineyard in France

  • 65 appellations

  • 4.9 million hectoliters harvested each year on average,
    i.e., the equivalent of 649 million bottles

  • 75% of the Bordeaux vineyard area has a certified environmental approach

  • Production: reds 85%, rosés 4%, dry whites 9%, sweet whites 1%, crémant 1%

  • 5,500名葡萄種植者

  • 110,000 公頃的葡萄園

  • 法國最大的 AOC 葡萄園

  • 65個產區

  • 每年平均收穫 490萬百升,即相當於 6.49 億瓶

  • 75%的波爾多葡萄園擁有環保認證

  • 85% 紅葡萄酒、9% 白葡萄酒、4% 粉紅葡萄酒、1% 甜白葡萄酒、1% 氣泡酒