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A3 Portrait_8.png

Gigi Paulina Ng

Gigi Paulina Ng is a successful restaurateur and the 4th generation restaurant owner behind the very popular and historical Ser Wong Fun restaurant. She aims to honor the traditions from her ancestors by offering their signature dishes but with a modern twist. Gigi encompasses the character of 'the importance of heritage but also to adapt and cater to the changing times and continue to reinvent and pass on to the future generations.’

Gigi Paulina Ng 是一位成功的餐廳老闆。她也是非常受歡迎且歷史悠久的「蛇王芬餐廳」第四代傳人。 這家餐廳以溫暖人心的菜餚而聞名,尤其是那些用蛇做的菜餚。根據傳統中醫師的說法,蛇可以驅寒和滋養身體。Gigi 的目標是通過招牌菜來榮耀祖先的傳統,但同時具有現代風味。Gigi 涵蓋了「承傳的重要性,同時適應和迎合時代的不斷變化,繼續重塑和傳承給下一代」的精神。

Luk Chun Yin

Luk Chun Yin is a professional skateboarder who started skateboarding over 20 years ago. He has won multiple medals for Hong Kong and aspires to bring the sport to a much wider audience. He is passionate about skateboarding and he sees it as an expression of art. Chun represents the character of ‘constantly challenging yourself to present the best version of yourselves. Always striving to be the best.’

陸俊彥是一名職業滑板運動員,進行滑板運動已逾 20 年,曾為香港贏得多枚獎牌。他涵蓋了「不斷自我挑戰,呈現最好自己,傾力做到最好」的精神。陸俊彥表示:「整段旅程是漫長而困難,但我從不放棄。正如釀酒師,總在做到他們的最好。每枝酒都是多年來的努力,正如我透過多年刻苦練習去磨練我的技術。永遠都可以更進步。」

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Joseph lee

Joseph Lee is a contemporary dancer who is deeply passionate in pursuing his craft and strives to bring his refreshing take on dance through various creative productions. He believes that dancing has no boundaries and restrictions: one can express oneself freely through dance. Joseph encompasses the character ‘Be Yourself, there are no limits to how much you can achieve.’

Joseph Lee 是一位現代舞者,對自己的藝術充滿熱情,並努力通過各種創意作品將他對舞蹈的清新演繹。Joseph 涵蓋了「做自己,可以獲得無限成就」的精神。他更表示:「跳舞並沒有界限,正如葡萄酒一樣,沒有限制誰可以或如何去享受它一樣,葡萄酒是屬於任何人的。」

Dolphin ip

Dolphin Ip is a young female sommelier who is passionate about her career, wine and wine drinkers. She wants to provide excellent service and pairings to her customers and she’s striving to support the next generation of sommeliers. Dolphin encompasses the character that ‘there are no limits, to try your best and strive to achieve the impossible.

Dolphin Ip 是一位在 SKYE 餐廳的年輕女侍酒師,她對自己的事業、葡萄酒和葡萄酒愛好者充滿熱情。 Dolphin 涵蓋了「做自己」的性格,因為她認為年紀不等於經驗,不只是男性能成為專業的侍酒師,正如波爾多葡萄酒,不只有紅酒。那裡有很多可能性,每個人一點都不應被標籤。

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